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For more than a decade, Axon Anaesthesia Associates, India’s largest corporate group of anaesthetists, have been at the forefront of clinical excellence and humane care. The Axon Pain Management Centre, our pioneering initiative, stands to provide innovative stewardship of modern and scientific pain management to the country. As India’s most modern and advanced interdisciplinary pain management centre, we offer to extend our tradition of care with a comprehensive patient-centric approach. We can help you manage your distress and get you on the road to recovery. Our expert pain management can make a difference to your life.

Why Axon?


With convergence of global best practices, we will endeavour to establish with success, India's most modern multi-disciplinary pain management centre. Fostering learning and growth is our reason for being. Through comprehensive academic and educational relationships with the best centres around the world, Axon Pain Management Centre will be the Centre of Excellence and an exemplary focal point for research, education and advocacy.

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Please schedule routine appointments in advance. Same-day appointments could be worked into the schedule. Please be aware, however, that scheduled appointments do have priority, unless it is an emergency.



We could help by making you move easily when you are in pain.

Interventional Pain Medicine

Deals with treating pain using precision-guided injection techniques.

Psychology therapy

Our purpose is not to prove that your pain is "all in the mind."

Occupational therapy

We encourage the practical application of skills of everyday living.


(In Sanskrit: Swayam + bhala – Self-benefited; Swayam + bala – Self-empowered)

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New Patients, who have never been to Axon, please report 30 minutes earlier.

Pain Management Videos

Pain management videos by Dr Vijay Anand. The Doctor share useful pain related information.

Pain Info

Pain is a sensory experience that can be caused by many different kinds of injuries.

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    Pain Info

    Types Of Pain

    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Neuropathic pain Neuropathic pain


    Pain Info

    Pain facts

    More than 76.2 million people all over the world are suffering from

    What is pain

    Blog, Pain Info

    What is pain

    Pain is a sensory experience that can be caused by many different kind


    Dr. P. Vijayanand

    FCARCSI, DPainMed

    FCARCSI, DPainMed (RCSI), MPainSci (UK)  Fellowship in Refractory Angina (UK) Fellowship in Pain Medicine (Australia) We have a wealth of experience at Axon. Our pain specialists have travelled

      Dr. Preeti Agrawal

      Occupational Therapist

      Occupational Therapist I am an occupational therapist pursuing post-graduation, with a work experience of more than 14 years. At Axon, we work with you, to help you face with confidence, day-to-day

        Dr. P. Pradeep Kumar


        Physiotherapist I am a physiotherapist with five years of experience in managing neuro-musculoskeletal problems. Here at Axon, we innovate continually, to incorporate best physiotherapy practices i

          Johnsey Thomas

          Clinical Psychologist & Health Consultant A compassionate, empathetic, and solution oriented professional, I am dedicated to providing exceptional care and implementing effective treatment plan

            Dr. Madhavi Singh M.D.

            You would agree that the better informed you are about the choices for managing your pain, easier becomes the decision making. I've also repeatedly discovered how much I could learn from people suffer

              Dr. Phani Sree M.D.

              Geriatric Medicine and Palliative Care

              Fellowship in Geriatric Medicine and Palliative Care (USA) The disease progresses inexorably and outstrips the possibilities of cure. To be struck with cancer, or to have a loved one afflicted with

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